The View from my Window

I’m downstairs working during the day for a change so I have the binds open. Although there’s plenty of snow still on the ground I’m ready for a fresh coat but unfortunately there’s none in the near future according to the forecast.

I’m loading a top Carol asked me to quilt. I’m doing the Wandering Daisies pantograph on it and was pulling some thread to see which one might work. This quilt has a LOT of white space and I dislike dark thread in light fabric.

After laying all the strands across the quilt – I eliminated the teal as too dark in the white. The yellow’s not bad but I think I’m going with cream…boring I know but safe.

If actually pulling thread off the spool and looking at it on your quilt top is NOT a part of your process, I suggest you try it. It’s not unusual at ALL for me to think I know what color thread I’m going to use and then change my mind once I see it on the top. (I was thinking the teal was light enough …wrong!)

I’ve also been running around this morning reading Fables. I don’t do exchanges of any kind*, not ever, not in 8+ years of quilting. I refuse to take part due to deadlines, refuse to have my work judged by others as lacking in quality or creativity, and refuse to take time from my own quilting agenda.

So why am I changing my mind for the first time ever?? Vicki is organizing a Postcard exchange on my MQ Resource list with a theme of Aesop’s Fables and since its a small group of people that includes Vicki, Suzanne, and Deb I thought I’d give it a try. Thank goodness I bought this book months ago after reading about it on Vicki’s site. Wish me luck, I hope they’re nice to me!

* the one exception to my ban on exchanges are those solely done with family like our postcard exchanges.

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  1. Well you know that I’ll be posting on my blog in full living color and picking it apart, detailing every little bobble and…Yeah right. I will be HONORED to get a card from you. I guess I’d better start thinking about what to do, though. Not that I’ll actually do it until…the day before the mailing deadline…

  2. Ooooooooh your threads are yummy!!! Glad you’re not getting any snow in the next few days. We are about to get slammed. I will be quilting happily in my warm home. 🙂 Nothing like a quilty day is there!!dawn

  3. Th world must be going to end…ROFLOL. You’ll have fun and we are so happy you’ve chosen to join our humble little group.

  4. Hi MaryI lay my threads on my quilt too and I agree – something that you think is going to be perfect all along, really doesn’t fit at times!oh coo have fun with the exchange!! I know you will and love what you get in return!!hugs

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