On today’s agenda

Keith left this morning for Dallas so I have a few days on my own again (yes, he just got home on Sunday evening). Today’s tasks will be piecing and binding but I’m not ready to start working yet. I’ve been reading, paying bills and as usual spending some time on the computer. I’ve given up any hope of keeping up with my blog reading so I’m just doing a few each day.

This is week 2 of my online Digital Scrapbooking class. I continue to learn lots and it’s fun too. The class is at JessicaSprague.com and through a link in today’s email, I found a bunch of online tutorials she has so if you’ve been playing around with Photoshop Elements go check it out.

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  1. When I did her classes, I was always amazed at how her papers and elements always seemed to go with so many different photos, stuff you wouldn’t have imagined it would go with sometimes.Good work! Oh — I ordered some new photography and photoshop books, I’ll post about them when they arrive!!

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