A new project for Mom

I decided I’d show Mom the method I used to make my Pineapple quilt on this trip. She picked out this pink one from the book Pineapple Passion by Nancy Smith and Lynda Milligan and we’ll use the Quilt in a Day ruler and the book Pineapple Quilt; A piece of cake by Loretta Smith for the instructions.

Mom didn’t have enough of any one pink so was ready to run out and buy fabric but I convinced her to make the pinks scrappy. Use used about everything she has in this shade so I’m hoping we have enough.
Speaking of books, I bought this one about a week before my trip and had skimmed through it when it came but I took time to read through and study the photos when I was traveling yesterday and I’ve got a lot of fun ideas for my postcards. Some of the pieces don’t appeal to me at all but even in those, I’m seeing neat ideas for beading, embroidery, and quilting stitches.

I’ve never felt compelled to buy or subscribe to Quilting Arts magazine but I think this book changed my mind.

I love to travel

But it’s hard to leave Chesty for so long. He’s always so clingy when he sees the suitcase come out and he didn’t leave my side all day yesterday.

I quickly ran out to get the mail this morning before leaving for the airport and there were lots of goodies for me. I had the camera packed so I used the phone to snap some photos to share.

First up is an Airport Art Binder from Sio. It is so beautiful, this photo doesn’t do it justice at all. I know it may seem greedy of me but I love all 3 that I’ve received. Gail’s is with me on this trip, Marilyn’s is up in my sewing room for jotting notes and drafting layouts, and Sio’s will stay by my chair and travel with me when I go work at the library or coffee shop.

You need to visit Sio’s blog, she’s been making more binders and she’s up to something!

I also had 2 postcards waiting. This one from my sister Ann. It’s so cute! The hearts are embroidered and there are tiny paper flowers attached with beads.
And last but certainly not least, a postcard from Suzanne from our MQResource swap. I’m not sure of the title of the fable, but it’s about an astronomer who fell into a well because he was only looking up at the stars. Very cute!

Since Keith brought me to the airport before work, I still have a couple hours to kill. I’m in the NWA lounge and am going to work on some layouts for my class while I wait.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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Tell me I’m not the only one

You’ve seen my sewing room photos so you know I can be kind of messy when I’m in the zone and working at a fast and furious pace. Well, other things stack up too like this laundry basket with clean clothes (and a pillow? and some jeans I bought from Penney’s Saturday). (Can you believe I’m showing this mess?? I have no shame!)

So since I have to pack today, I decided it was time to clear this out and put everything away.
I went through EVERYTHING hanging in my closet and culled about 4 bags of clothes to donate.
And while I was at it, I pulled out some of my *travel* T-shirts and cut off the fronts — I’m saving them to eventually make a T-shirt quilt. I typically buy a t-shirt and wear it a while ( a year or two) and then it gets cut and put into the bin. I’ve been planning this quilt for a few years and one of these days, I’ll stop and count how many t-shirts I have. I added 7 to the pile today.
Speaking of traveling, did I tell you Keith and I are going to Chicago for his birthday March 6th? Just a couple nights but I haven’t been before so I’m really looking forward to it.
The only quilt related activity so far today was taking down the K-top and putting up these blocks on the design wall. They need some arranging but having the design wall at the top of the stairs is actually a good thing….each time I go up, I look at what’s on the wall and move things around a bit.

I leave in the morning for Virginia and will be home the 4th of March, just a day before going to Chicago. It will be a busy 2 weeks but the blog won’t be idle, since I’ve learned out to post directly from my iPhone you can come along on my trips with me.

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