A quiet Sunday; a busy Monday

We had a quiet day yesterday – some of us just found a patch of sunlight and alternated chewing our bone and sleeping.
I finished piecing all the blocks for the Strips & Strings Log Cabin and I’ll assemble those today. I need to get the design wall down and clean up the sewing room so I can set up the bed in there for Chris and Adam’s visit on Friday.

Deb posted the exchange list for February and my card will go to my cousin – but it’s not due until the 25th so I’ll leave it on the mantle to enjoy along with the snowflake Mom sent me and I guess it’s time to put away the Champagne glasses from last year since January is over. I keep thinking I’m going to buy an easel frame but I usually just prop the newest cards up like this.

We were rooting for Pittsburgh yesterday so we were pleased with the outcome of the Super Bowl for a change.

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  1. Living in Pittsburgh, I have black and gold running through my veins. Can I tell you that this town is on its ear … the Cardinals played a good game but the Steeler Nation prevailed. They’re having a parade through downtown tomorrow (imagine insanity x 10) and the schools all had a 2 hour delay today because the kids stayed up to watch the game. Is that wonderful craziness or what??

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