First, to prove I finished my work before playing – the Strips and Strings Log Cabin top is assembled.
I opened up the box and grabbed this fabric sitting on the table (from New Year’s) Happy Block party) and cut it up into 4.5 inch squares – that was easy – but on a few of them I wasn’t careful enough about my placement so I had some that were about a 1/8 inch short on one side (I used them anyway). That pile of strings is what was left.

Then I grabbed some yardage and fanfolded it over the 2.5 inch strip cutter and this worked pretty good although I had to snip between my strips – probably due to how I lined it up – but still way, way faster than anything I could rotary cut.

There was very little waste – to the right of the scissors – a couple pieces big enough to go into my string bin and a couple slivers to the trash can.
My quilts are usually scrappy but I’d seen some cute version of our Happy Block quilts with limited fabrics so I decided since just cutting doesn’t accomplish anything to grab another coordinating fabric from the table, cut it into strips and then pieced these blocks.
You can’t really fussy cut the center squares but this fabric had a dense enough pattern that it still worked well.
You can never really tell how something is going to work just by looking at a video and website. It took a little more effort to turn the handle than I expected and for some reason I didn’t expect the die to bend a little but I can see I’m going to LOVE this.

Now after checking my email, I’m going to run sew those blocks together and then maybe I’ll cut something else later tonight.

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  1. Wow Mary, you are on a roll. Hope you enjoy the new machine. I am anxious to see all that you do with it. Did some dyes come with it? Diane in Alaska

  2. What looks like a long gray bed for the material. Is that the 2 1/2 cutter that you bought extra? It looks a lot bigger in your picture that I thought it would be.

  3. Wow, you are amazingly fast!! And even faster with the new cutter. I just went from scissors to rotary on my last couple quilts and have been amazing at that speed difference. Technology is amazing!I am inspired by your log cabin quilt. I think I may try that pattern on my next quilt. I am working on a log cabin now but with a different pattern.Love you blog….today was my first visit, but I will be back.Cadh8

  4. Mary, I have a big AccuCut Machine at my store. It is amazing! We can cut 10 layers at once and cut charm squares, jelly rolls & more. I just finished a lovely baby quilt with the big diamonds. Enjoy your machine.

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