The many faces of Mary

Edit: continuing the theme, here’s my class assignment for today. Click to enlarge the photo (please note I used the more attractive photos in this page!).

Yes, Keith basically looks the same as the day we met but looking through our family photos …. my looks change frequently! Hair color and weight changes, bad hair days and all…

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Yes, I should be cleaning or finishing up my kaleidoscope blocks instead of playing on the computer!

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  1. Love the collage of photos. Your gorgeous smile hasn’t changed a bit. My graduation portrait features the same black drape: it was required by the annual staff for all girls. Why on earth they demanded everyone be dressed alike is beyond me. You definitely look more elegant in it than I did. 😉

  2. I totally agree with Susan D … you have hit your STRIDE … your smile is infectious! Women, like fine wines, improve with age …..Flatlander (Linda)

  3. Yet so right….We improve like wine. My friend once told me,” You never look old”, yea right. But she is right…now my bones don’t tell…LOL LOL LOL.

  4. Yes on the great smile. But what I noted was you’ve always worn your hair short. And, pretty much the same way — yes, some up and down, coaxed down but pretty much the same. Where are the pictures of Mary with long, long hair? Where are the pictures of Mar with shoulder sweeping page boys? Got to admit love these photos you are doing. How fun. B.

  5. I love the one in the “ninth” photo, you are in a green shirt. I love your hair style in that one. You do have the most infectious smile. You good soul has been and is, shining through those beautiful eyes!

  6. Mary,You are such a cutie with a great smile!! It shows your inside light. I want to know how you did all those pictures in one big picture? It is way cool. I was thinking of doing something similar for my birthday next week, but hadn’t firgured it all out. Thanks for your help. Mary ( a very good name, long before the fashions came.)

  7. Mary,You are soooo pretty. My favorite “look” is straight natural shoulder to short hair and a smile. You have a warm smile and nice apple cheeks. I know those, I have ’em, too. What a beautiful person you are. Wow!

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