Lake Calhoun

We haven’t been out on any of the lakes during winter since we moved to Minnesota so we decided to take the boys over to Lake Calhoun today.

This made me a little nervous…

but there were lots of people out on the ice…either walking or skiing. We even watched someone pitch a tent (green speck behind us in the photo).

Tonight we’ll play Scrabble, the boys are thinking up handicaps for us so we’ll see if it helps them.

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  1. That tent you watched someone put up is probably for ice fishing. The insane of this world, like my husband, actually like to go out in the cold on a frozen lake, drill a hole in the ice and dangle a hook & line until some stupid fish bites on it. At the moment there are four bowls of fish in my fridge & I am sick of fixing them for meals.Hope you've had a great visit with your boys.

  2. love lake Calhoun! Lake Harriet is so wonderful in the summer too. Spent many days walking around there and rollerblading as a teenager… Are you new to MN?

  3. I would’ve been nervous about the crack as well!!My hubby is a huge fan of Scrabble! It takes a lot for me to play with him as he usually beats the tar out of me. Sometimes, if I know we are going to play on the weekend, I will hit the dictionary.Nope, hasn’t helped. heeheeHave fun with your sons!!dawn

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