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Green and Purple are my new favorite colors! The mail today brought me all kinds of goodies. Do you remember the Airplane Art Binder I begged for someone to make for me? I got TWO in the mail today. You might think that a person would only need one of these but you’d be wrong! One will go in my laptop backpack which I carry around town when I go work at the library or the coffee shop. The other will go in my Carryon that I take with me on all of my trips.

This first one is from Gail and I did know this one was coming because she showed it on her blog but it looks even cuter in person. Thanks so much Gail!
And this one arrived today too from Marilyn. I did know that she was sending something because she asked for my address but was thrilled to open the package and find this along with a pad and colored pencils too. Thanks Marilyn! I’m just thrilled with both of them.
Finally, the mail today brought the first Postcard from my MQ Resource Exchange. I’m not done yet but Shirley is way ahead of the deadline. The Aesop Fable she chose was The Crow and the Pitcher and the moral is Little by little does the trick. Thanks Shirley!
So today, in addition to opening mail, I’ve been working my way through my *to do* list making a few blocks and piecing some backs for donated tops I have here for quilting. I always have quilts coming in and being finished and it’s not unusual due to the number of tops I have for it to take me months to get them all done but this beauty has been here too long — why, because every time I went to grab a top to quilt — I grabbed one that already had a pieced backing (Thanks to Sheree and other HeartStrings members who made them for me).

Yes, this top from Sharon has been here for MONTHS because I hadn’t gotten around to piecing a backing that was large enough for it. Today, I pulled it out, measured it, and made a big Off Center 4 Patch back for it and it WILL be quilted in March.
Poor Chesty was SO bored today – he’s sitting between my sewing table and the door.

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  1. I was thinking about making the Airplane binder for me, but since I don’t do much sketching, I decided that I wouldn’t. But a few days after I mailed this to you, I was into Staples, our office suppy store, and guess what I found in the discount bin… Twistable crayons for $3 for a set of 12. So I bought the 2 sets that were in the bin.. and so now I’m going to make 3 binders to hold all 24 twistable crayons. I guess I’ll have to learn to sketch! I’m rambling…. Enjoy your binder…

  2. What a nice day you’ve had! LOVE the mail you’ve gotten and the progress you’ve madeseems like we both battled a ‘nemesis’ today and persevered!congrats on everything 😀hugsg

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