Another working night

First, those log cabin blocks needed assembling. So the Sunshine and Shadows top is done and I do like how it turned out – I’ll probably love it by the time it’s quilted.

Then the Kaleidoscope blocks went up on the design wall – I’m not sure about the arrangement yet so I’m going to contemplate them for a day or two. I’m also not sure I made the best fabric selections for this quilt – I like all the fabric but I’m not getting that *circle* effect. I’ll have to plan out my next one better.

Then I decided it was playtime. It is all I can do not to cut up my entire stash using the new cutter so I’m make myself finish a top before cutting into more fabric. I had some Charm squares that Deb had given me as a gift – probably for my birthday but I can’t remember for sure and I decided they’d make a good Happy Block Quilt.

I folded a yard of fabric and in one pass – I had my red 2.5 inch strips and repeated the process for my brown ones.
I got 28 of the 48 blocks I need pieced before I had to stop – I’d been working all night and needed a break.
Since I wanted more squares for my quilt than the ones in the Charm pack – I pulled a few pinks from the stash …and look, more selvages for my collection.

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16 thoughts on “Another working night

  1. Mary, how can you stay up all night and still be able to sew… I’m so impressed. I love the pink/chocolate combination. It’s so now. A couple of years ago, I was so sick of brown.. but now, I think I’m going to be buying browns again to compliment the pinks that I have. Love your pink selvages…


  2. Mary, it is amazing to see the work you get done while most of us are asleep. You rock! And to think you got some more selvages out of it all–what a bonus!! Your log cabin quilt is gorgeous.


  3. LOVE the red, brown & pink Happy Block quilt. I may have to try one of these for HeartStrings with coordinated fabric I haven't been able to cut up for strip blocks. Mary, you are always an inspiration.Sheree


  4. I hope you can sleep tonight. You deserve a rest! Those are so pretty. I like the way they look so different in each setting. I don’t like to do Log cabins…I don’t know how to not mess them up is why. My quilt buddy says I need more practice.


  5. The reason you didn’t get circles with the Kaleidoscope blocks is because the corners are usually just 2 fabrics, a light and a medium alternated on touching blocks. The corners are part of the circle where yours blend with each individual block. I like the new setting you came up with a few days later though.


  6. I want to save selvages, but don’t know how… do I cut them off when the yard goes into my stash? Or when I start cutting? If I don’t use it all, how do I know what it is if I need more? So many questions… 🙂


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