Twisting and turning

This was a quick set of blocks! I finished the last 20 tonight before turning my attention to the Kaleidoscope blocks. You can just see the Quilt as you Go blocks for Australia in the back corner of this photo — I pieced a couple of them before starting in on my blocks.

What does one do when blocks won’t play nicely with each other, separate them of course. Since I don’t like sashing blocks I usually turn to Sharon Craig’s Twist N Turn method.

The colors and fabric in this photo are not shown very well, my hallway at 3:45AM is not the best place to be taking photos. The dark fabric is a subtle dark blue/turquoise print that picks up the colors from the blocks. I’d discarded it as too dark earlier this week when I was looking for a border but between the blocks it’s working well.

I stopped working early — I’m too tired to continue but not tired enough to sleep — I’m happy with what I got done tonight so I’m going to veg now.

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  1. wow love the block on the twist n turn method, never seen this before so very intrigued. Look forward to seeing the finished top.

  2. You are truly a night owl. I think I’m a night person and I usually go to bed before midnight unless I’m very involved in a book or on the computer. It’s just that I hate going to bed at night and I hate getting up in the morning. That bed is just too cozy and warm.I feel like I should be making some of the blocks for Australia but I just have to many things going, and that’s making me feel guilty. Maybe I should go online I donate 20 bucks to their Red Cross or something.

  3. If I stay up too late, I feel sleepy for whole of next day. I have not been sleeping well lately, & all I want to do in the afternoon is sleep!

  4. You are getting SO much done I can hardly keep up with you!!! I’m envious of your cutting machine! Ooh what fun! Keep those quilts coming!

  5. I definitely think you made a good choice with the twist and turn layout! It makes the quilt look totally different! They didn’t do much for me when they were set side by side. That’s going to be a fun quilt!

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