Opinions please!

I’ve got limited options here because I only have little bits of fabric left. The dark blue is gone except I have just enough for the binding.

So do I just stop now?? Or do I take the scraps and do a pieced border and end with the dark binding? The size will be OK whether I add a border or not.

Please click on the photo to enlarge. Thanks!

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  1. If you are going to use the pieced border, I agree that a narrow plain border first would be nice.Conversely, my thought would be to maybe just bind it or perhaps do a pieced binding with some of the scraps you have, and no borders at all.

  2. hi marysomething FINALLY occurred to me … I’ve been pondering your dilemma since you first posted about it .. My first thought was see if you could use the half square rectangles (HSR??) interspersed around the quilt – scrappy like with another blending fabric – you know how I did the stars in kyle’s spinner quilt .. well maybe something like that .. if you didn’t want to do that, then maybe a neutral fabric from your stash – do a 2″ frame of sorts and then bind it .. I think that having some sort of ‘frame’ would be just the ticket to offset these beautiful blocks .. just to make them pop more3 .. maybe a yellow? light orange?? Pink even??either of those would work well – but it’s your choice .. HUGS!! n good luck with this oneg

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