Opinions please!

I’ve got limited options here because I only have little bits of fabric left. The dark blue is gone except I have just enough for the binding.

So do I just stop now?? Or do I take the scraps and do a pieced border and end with the dark binding? The size will be OK whether I add a border or not.

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  1. I like the scrappy border. How big does it need to be? Add another of the lighter blue to separate the scrappy border from the center of the quilt?

  2. I like the scrappy too! I guess it really depends on how much time you have – the scrappy border is sure alot of piecing – maybe even more than the whole quilt!

  3. I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now and I am so impressed by your output. I just wanted to say that!I love the twisty turny look and I think that border is so cool. Can’t wait to see the finished piece.Debbie

  4. I think it looks great without the border. I guess I’m the oddball here. I think the border distracts from the main quilt. My eye is immediately drawn to the border, instead of to the middle of the quilt, where it should be. If you had to make it bigger, I would go with a light blue, plain border so as not to distract from the middle.

  5. Absolutely YES!!! to the pieced border. It LOOKS great and adds such interest to the whole quilt; makes it “jazzier”. And, that’s a good thing!!

  6. The scappy border idea is a good one, but I think it belongs on another quilt. I’d like a solid lighter border with corner blocks (perhaps the same pattern only smaller, or a four patch) I’m not sure I can explain why. The blocks are orderly and their tilted setting makes them fun. The border takes the quilt in a different direction.Whatever you choose will be great, I’m sure! Have fun!

  7. guess you don’t need me to say it looks great. You might want to put a tiny inner border the color of that long pinkish color. The second block in the second row. I like to put in the strip of fabric that is folded and then hangs loose. A fake border.

  8. wow, tough decision. I like both ideas actually. If you have enough of something for a small containment border and then the scrappy border, that might be a way to go. Either way it is going to look great. I love the way that you have tilted the blocks.

  9. See what happens when you ask for an opinion! Yikes!I really like the border but I also know that it will take a lot of work. The quilt looks fine without the border too. So I guess: Is this a quilt you are keeping or giving away? Would you learn by making the border? Would you have any use for those fabrics if you didn’t use them in this border?So many questions…who ever said quilting was easy!

  10. Hi Mary- I LOVE how those blocks have come out since you’ve done the twist and turn to them. Takes them to a whole other place. I’ll have to keep that technique in mind! I’d probably go with just a plain border or just the binding so your eye just focuses on those twisty blocks (but that’s just me -seems the scrappy border is the winner per the comments!)

  11. I guess I’m an oddball with marilyn ~ I’d go without the border. I think the border is a great idea, but I’d save it for another quilt. I’m afraid it draws the eye outward and gives you no place to rest. But that’s just my .02

  12. hummm… to boarder or not to boarder? depends on how soon you want it finished if you ask me. I love what you have going there… maybe even add a thin 1″ purpleish pink strip before the pieced?? I love that 1 block withhot pink thrown in there 😉honestly, I’ve never seen a quilt with boarders and thought – why didn’t thye leave them off? where as I have seen several quilts and thought – too bad they didn’t add a boarder before finishing 😉hope that helps. Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  13. I like it with out the border.For me it becomes to busy with the added border. But I am sure it will be great either way

  14. I like it either way but first preference would be WITH the border … extra work, I know but it does really “excite” the entire quilt. I agree with perhaps a “thin” inner border … easy for me to say when someone else is doing the work, right? LOLFlatlander (Linda)

  15. My initial reaction was without the border. I love the starkness of the black, and the border tones it down so much. Another alternative would be to extend the black as the border.

  16. I like the idea of an inner border to break it up, LOVE the scrappiness of what you have going. Does it HAVE to be on all four sides? Or could it be offset on two sides by something solid?Just a thought. Love the colors!

  17. I like the scrappy border as well, but I do think you still need to add something in between your blocks and the scrappy border.Is it possible to turn those pieces of dark blue you have set aside for binding into a small border to break up the blocks from the scrappy border and then use some of any of the other colors to create a binding. I think the binding could really be any of the blues if you decide to go with the scrappy border and it would free up just a little dark blue to add a thin border where your eyes can rest and appreciate both the blocks and scrappy border!JMO.

  18. I would love a plain border before the pieced border. You know, whatever you do will be fine and the receiver will love it. Quilts are such a hug from our hearts.

  19. #43 adds her 2 cents which is like the others! I like the idea of a “popper” border between the main and the pieced border – maybe something in a purple or a turquoise? And the pieced border is FABULOUS!

  20. I do like the scrappy border. Then reading the comments– yes, a think inner border for the eye to rest would look just right. Mary’s blog– my daily inspiration.

  21. Hi Mary, give yourself a break, just put a plain border on this one, we need to rest our eyes sometimes!!!!! The gorgeous border can go on another quilt I am sure. Jan in UK

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