I’m still reading and re-reading all the comments and pondering this quilt.

I debated leaving it as is but it looks a little unfinished to me.

I have NO fabric in my stash that would work as a wider border — and since I’m trying to use stash — It’s either the pieced border or just stopping at this point.

I do like the idea of a narrow border and I *might* be able to find something that works… had thought along the lines of the comment that suggested using the binding fabric for an inner border and then finding another binding fabric.

All great input and I appreciate the time everyone took to comment. Thanks!

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  1. I didn’t comment but I like the quilt without a border. If you had some of the dark (black?) that would make a good small border but even that is not necessary.

  2. I do like the pieced border–but would like to see a very small stop border of the purply colour that\s one of the kaleidescopes? It’s a lovely quilt.

  3. YAY! That was my comment!I really do think that if you can turn that dark binding fabric into a small inner border, then your eye will have a place to rest before appreciating the beautifully pieced border as well. After the pieced border, any of those colors that you have enough of will work for a binding because it will be set right against the scrappy border!Good luck! It's a great project! I was actually running into a similar problem when working on a quilt that was set in this style. I chose to use several really thin borders to use up the rest of the fabrics, but still keeping in mind that the dark would give a resting place for the eye. You can see mine here if you are interested:http://www.quiltsyourway.com/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=3390&sort=1&cat=540&page=1

  4. How about a flange then a small plain border, I can look in my stash for anythignthat may suit if you like Mary. Janet in UK

  5. I like the colors of this quilt very much, and it’s great how you have changed the layout. That pieced border goes nicely with it. If you don’t have enough fabric to make the pieced border all the way around, I think you can just put it in some random spots, making the rest of the border out of the fabric you used for the background of the quilt center. In other words, to make the border mostly from the dark, broken up in spots by the pieced border fabrics. That would give it a very spontaneous look.

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