The question is….

Do I not like this type of quilting because I’m not good at it….or am I not good at it because I don’t like this type of quilting (and avoid doing it)?

Tonight I’ve been quilting a wallhanging that Mom pieced for my sister Ann. I’ve had this for several months and have been avoiding finishing it but since I’m going to VA next week and Ann will be there, I decided it was time to just get it done.

I had some idea about how to quilt parts of this and Deb had some suggestions for me too (I ignored all the ones that included stitch in the ditch!).

I did break out my ruler and quilted some straight lines in the 4 patches.

Did some leaf quilting in the border and in the background around the flowers & vase where it may have been less successful. (See first photo)

I just have to reload and quilt the last couple borders but I was getting really tired and decided I should do that after a break or after sleeping.

I’m need to accept that if I’m going to quilt these types of tops that I’m just not going to be but so good. I don’t do them often enough to be really good at them and I’m trying to focus on the fact that Mom doesn’t care how I quilt them and is always happy with the results.

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  1. Mary,I visit here almost daily, but never comment. Today I must though. Your quilting is lovely – truly! : ) Don’t be SEW tough on yourself. Piecefully, Pam

  2. Yep, I agree with everyone else. You are way to hard on yourself. I know when I see something beautiful and I see that here. 🙂You are doing a wonderful job and I am so glad that you are just not all over quilting with the same design. Thanks for sharing and being so honest with your blogging.

  3. I think it looks terrific! You’re just being very critical of your own work, Mary…which is good, within reason. Stand back…take a look. As we’re stitching, we’re so very close to our work…and then all we see is this narrow pass. And any and all of our little mishaps and mistakes. It’s what the quilt looks like as a whole that matters!Celebrate a job well done! She’ll love it!

  4. Mary, the quilting is beautiful. Your sis is going to love it even more considering it was stitched by your Mom and quilted by you. It is a treasure! I agree with the other comments; you are being too rough on yourself. Your work is always so stunning. Love your blog and all your quilt patterns.Thanks much.

  5. Mary Maybe you don’t like doing it– just because it takes soooo much longer than an all over design? That’s how I feel about these types of quilts. But you are definately doing an excellent job– I love the background leaves, the borders, and even the narrow inner border. I see a lot of these done– and you’re right on. And your Mom will enjoy it very much. Beautiful!

  6. Hello Mary,Why is it some quilters will put themselves down so much. Honestly, your work is wonderful, I take my hat off to you, you do so much, please don’t be so critical of it, you are giving so much pleasure to so many people in what you are doing. I always tell my ladies if you are entering a show then you must take perhaps a tad more care with everything you do, but for your own use or even yes as a gift, it is the thought that counts ands truly what beautiful gifts you make Mary. NO MORE put downs on your work. If I could quilt half as good I would be one happy person. 🙂 janet in UK

  7. Mary, your work is wonderful as usual and you are very critical which is why you keep getting better and better.I also am not crazy about that style of quilting if that’s what you call it. I think I prefer the more “modern” style of quilting and usually fly by the seat of my pants in creations. Oh well it’s what makes quilting by all of us so unique.

  8. Mary, don’t know where in VA you’re going but I’ve got to believe that we’re alot warmer then where you are, but please no flip-flops, not that warm, yet!

  9. I agree with the others…it looks great. I also agree with you, I find quilts that aren’t a traditional, one block repeated type quilt harder to quilt on. Again, it looks lovely.

  10. Well, I guess you have been told: your quilting is more than just “OK.” I do understand holding off when you are unsure of how to quilt a quilt but once you decided you did a great job.

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