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I appreciate all the comments and support – I think I just expect more from myself because I’ve been quilting with my longarm for 6+ years now and even though I don’t do much of this type of quilting – it seems like I should be better at it than I am. The photos should enlarge when you click them.

Deb suggested these half flowers for the white portion of the log cabin block but the shape was odd for me – I wanted to try them but decided to do them in the dark where they wouldn’t show as much.
Quilting inside of applique makes me really nervous but these were very large fused shapes…I’m not completely happy with the results but they’re OK.

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  1. I love the quilting inside of the applique! Really adds to it! You did a wonderful job! I know how it is go outside of your comfort zone though. I wonder if I will ever be able to do any free motion, besides just meandering. *sigh*

  2. Mary, I think the quilting looks great and fits the style of quilt. It does take awhile to get comfortable doing this style of quilting. For me, everything looks different close up….hang that baby on the wall and step back and look and you have a different opinion of your quilting.Karen L

  3. Looks great! Texture, cross hatching ( that’s my worst nightmare) and quilting in the applique. Very nice job– and done in a day? Wow! Your Mom will love it!

  4. We are our worst critics, aren’t we? I could pick at everything I have ever done!From my vantage point, its beautiful. It may have been outside of your comfort zone, but you did a really terrific job. Perhaps you are being harder on yourself because it is for a family member? She will love it. Have a great day.Debbie

  5. You did a GORGEOUS job on that Mary! I like the crosshatching in the cream fabrics instead of through the colored blocks…it makes those POP!!!Laurie

  6. Great job, Mary! I am SO applique-averse (that’s AA, for the uninitiated!) that I just can’t get my mind around what to do with the quilting. Your choices on this piece are really gorgeous…not to mention your execution, which is flawless as far as I can see!

  7. Mary, I think you are being too hard on yourself, we all do it! Trust me all your people that are commenting see the same thing, a beautifully quilted piece! You did a GREAT job, allow yourself to enjoy it! You should be really proud! I am proud for you!

  8. Mary, you did do a great job on this wall hanging. I know your mom will be pleased. You two make a great team. And I know your sister is going to love it. I really like your meandering leaves and the quilting in the applique.

  9. I love it and I am sure your mother and sister will love it also. While I am a sit and quilt quilter I have discovered that on applique I like to put a stabilizer behind them (I like Ricky Timms stabile stiff which softens in the wash and you don’t feel it at all) and then I embellish them first, before layering it with batting, backing etc. Just something else to try if you are comfortable with moving the fabric instead of the machine. The yellow flower you did with your long arm just pops!ceome

  10. We, your guests, see how beautiful work you do. You, it seems, often see only the flaws. How about trying to see it through our eyes? I see a beautiful wall hanging with great colors, pattern and quilting. As do all the other who comments. Please stop being your worst critic. Took me years to learn to accept compliments, now I allow them to warm my heart. Hope you allow ours to warm yours.

  11. Hello Mary, This looks gorgeous, Well done, again. Your sister will love it I am sure. Super pattern, is it your own? I would love to own a long-arm machine, it must be great to have your own, I tried one once at a show, I loved it. Never mind I can dream!! Mean time I carry on with the trusty Bernina. Janet in UK

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