18 thoughts on “The *after* photo

  1. How often do you take him in? I have two little girls and think it is about time to take them in again. They are starting to look shaggy again. With two of them, the expense makes me want to wait but that picture makes me want to take them in NOW 🙂


  2. He’s a cutiepie alright!! “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful…!”My lab doesn’t need a groomer, thankfully, because he’s too nuts to tolerate it. They would want hazardous duty pay from the jumping and licking and that TAIL!!!Lori in VA


  3. Hi Mary! Please check out Cici…I did her myself but didn’t cut her at all. I had to give up the groomer but actually enjoy the groom process. I think it’s funny how different these Bichons can looks depending on how they’re groomed. He looks adorable!


  4. Chesty is just soooo adorable … makes me miss my little “girl” (Ashley Ann) all the more … thanks for sharing his photos with us. He’s a handsome man (and judging from that stance, he knows it, too!) …. LOLFlatlander (Linda)


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