Tell me I’m not the only one

You’ve seen my sewing room photos so you know I can be kind of messy when I’m in the zone and working at a fast and furious pace. Well, other things stack up too like this laundry basket with clean clothes (and a pillow? and some jeans I bought from Penney’s Saturday). (Can you believe I’m showing this mess?? I have no shame!)

So since I have to pack today, I decided it was time to clear this out and put everything away.
I went through EVERYTHING hanging in my closet and culled about 4 bags of clothes to donate.
And while I was at it, I pulled out some of my *travel* T-shirts and cut off the fronts — I’m saving them to eventually make a T-shirt quilt. I typically buy a t-shirt and wear it a while ( a year or two) and then it gets cut and put into the bin. I’ve been planning this quilt for a few years and one of these days, I’ll stop and count how many t-shirts I have. I added 7 to the pile today.
Speaking of traveling, did I tell you Keith and I are going to Chicago for his birthday March 6th? Just a couple nights but I haven’t been before so I’m really looking forward to it.
The only quilt related activity so far today was taking down the K-top and putting up these blocks on the design wall. They need some arranging but having the design wall at the top of the stairs is actually a good thing….each time I go up, I look at what’s on the wall and move things around a bit.

I leave in the morning for Virginia and will be home the 4th of March, just a day before going to Chicago. It will be a busy 2 weeks but the blog won’t be idle, since I’ve learned out to post directly from my iPhone you can come along on my trips with me.

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  1. Have a great time visiting your mom. We will miss all the quilting posts. You have been busy but have made some nice tops. I love them all!!!!!Diane in Alaska

  2. Mary, Chicago is one of my favourite cities – you will love it as it’s a great city to walk around in and so much to see and do – and GREAT restaurants. Have fun visiting your Mum.

  3. Have a great time in Chicago! I love that city. Be sure to go to Millennium Park and the Chicago Cultural Center (right across the street), and the Art Institute, right next to the Park. And … there’s so much more!

  4. I lived most of my life in Chicago area (moved to Pittsburgh 10 years ago and love it here, too). It’s a GREAT city. So much to see and do … make sure you have a Chicago-style deep dish pizza and if you’re staying anywhere downtown it’s just fun to walk to the “Magnificent Mile” (Michigan Avenue) and window shop. Hope you have some fairly decent weather and enjoy your birthday celebration with Keith. I’m a March baby myself (3/20) 😉Enjoy your visit to VA with your mom, too … those are always special and thanks for taking us all along … we love it!Flatlander (Linda)

  5. Have a fun time Mary…visiting in VA and also Chicago! By the way my hubby also has a 3/6 birthday… gotta love *our* birthday guys! I love the quilt on your design wall, great idea to look it over with all of your trips up those stairs! PRETTY, PRETTY, PRETTY quilt!

  6. Nope, you aren’t the only one! I actually enjoy doing laundry, but I detest putting it away. I have baskets of clean, folded laundry all over my house! And I desperately need to cull my clothes and make a donate box. That was on my list for Feb…I guess I better get moving!

  7. heh .. you’ve seen my sewing room – usually just before it drives me crazy!! so no .. you are not the only one … oh i can’t wait to see your progress when you get going on your tshirt quilt .. that is going to be awesome! and the chicago trip .. you’ll have a blast – and actualy only 6 hrs from me at that point instead of 12 LOLyour new layout reminds me of a chocolate raspberry sundae parfait 😉have fun on your trip!!hugsg

  8. with my hand in the air like I just don’t care… You are not alone. (Nor will you be alone at Mid-Atlantic – 99% of the people that I have talked to will be there on Thursday!)

  9. This red/brown one is going to be a beautie! And you have done what I should have done for a long time – taking all my clothes out and sorted them. Funny how fast things shrink in a closet.

  10. If you have been packing away T-shirts for years – you are going to end up with a California king at the rate you are going. 7 shirts in one day. I have 25 t-shirts and I am getting a queen size quilt out of 4 years of college stuff.

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