A new project for Mom

I decided I’d show Mom the method I used to make my Pineapple quilt on this trip. She picked out this pink one from the book Pineapple Passion by Nancy Smith and Lynda Milligan and we’ll use the Quilt in a Day ruler and the book Pineapple Quilt; A piece of cake by Loretta Smith for the instructions.

Mom didn’t have enough of any one pink so was ready to run out and buy fabric but I convinced her to make the pinks scrappy. Use used about everything she has in this shade so I’m hoping we have enough.
Speaking of books, I bought this one about a week before my trip and had skimmed through it when it came but I took time to read through and study the photos when I was traveling yesterday and I’ve got a lot of fun ideas for my postcards. Some of the pieces don’t appeal to me at all but even in those, I’m seeing neat ideas for beading, embroidery, and quilting stitches.

I’ve never felt compelled to buy or subscribe to Quilting Arts magazine but I think this book changed my mind.


  1. Quilting arts is full of ideas…other than the longarm mags, it’s the only one I have a subscription to any more.I got my copy of the book recently too…love it; it truely is a wealth of information and ideas.Don’t work Mother too hard!

  2. That pink is darling. I love Quilting Arts and get it monthly. They always have something fascinating and many new techniques to try. They also break the instructions down so they don’t look overwhelming. I like their Cloth Paper Scissors mag as well.Have fun with your Mom

  3. I too, have always wanted to make a pineapple quilt. I am going to make one from my scrap strips one of these days. Have fun sewing with your Mama! My Mom doesn’t sew anymore, but I love it when she comes over and visits with me while I sew. :~)

  4. Hi Mary,I am sure I have that book, I shall have to have a look on the shelves – yep shelves!! – of books tomorrow, see if it is indeed that one, I started a Pineaplle quilt many moons ago for my daughter when she was about, 17, she is now….37. Best get it done methinks!!!I too am umming and ahhing about that magazine, its quite expensive if there isn’t much in it I would like though. How do I find out more about it? Jan in UK

  5. Just found out morew about it, I clicked on your link and I could see inside, that looks really interesting, hmmmm, will work on it as a prezzie from someone, hahahaha. Love the look of the pink, although to my eyes (bifocals) it looks more coral. Very pretty. lol jan in uk

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