1. Are these new fabrics? cause I think I recognize an old favorite in one of the baggies…ggg…love the colors, very spring and easter egg hunt and lovelyLori in VA

  2. Being the good daughter that you are, not only cut the fabric, but neatly bagged them too! I love the fabrics…I beleive they came from my stash ;>D!!

  3. yeah yeah, she’s the “good” one. Have you cut fabric for her with your new ‘go’ cutter?? I ordered the studio today…only because of the applique pieces. Did Adam get there??

  4. Cracking up over the “good daughter” comments! 🙂 Did you have to cut the pieces the old fashioned way, with a rotary cutter? 😉

  5. Did you take your new cutter with you to show your mom?I suppose she will then send it to you to quilt?Looks vintage to me!

  6. I want to know too? Did you travel with your new cutter and cut the strips with it?Carolyn in NC

  7. I bet she did it with that new cutter: She’s already cut so much at home she’s behind on her sewing! 🙂 LOL!!! Regardless of how much you enjoyed it, it was still awfully nice of you! 🙂Loving my new Kindle, btw. It sits nicely on the elliptical when I am exercising on it! Enjoy your visit with your mom, and let’s hear more about the GO Cutter.Btw, your sister’s doing some amazing stuff, too–love the flamingos! 🙂 Your mom’s lucky to have such talented daughters!Cecile

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