Heading home

Mom wanted me to stay longer and do more cutting but I'm ready to get
back to work on my stuff and see Keith and Chesty. For those who
asked, I did NOT have my GO cutter with me but it would have been nice!

6 thoughts on “Heading home

  1. haha! I wondered about your GO cutter, too, Mary — when I saw the cutting you did for your mom. But I figured it was probably too big for the suitcase… 😉 Safe journey! Dianne B. in England


  2. Mary, about your go cutter…do you really, really like it? I have been looking at them but am quite confused. Do you need to put plastic over all the fabric when you cut it? Is it expensive to buy all the templates you need? If I did decide to buy one what templates would you recommend for a beginner? I cut lots of quilts out but get very frustrated about the “ends” meeting due to cutting off a bit. Do you think the go-cutter has made your life easier? Sorry about all the questions. Give your furry family member an extra hug, Elaine


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