I had boxes arrive while I was gone and this one arrived this morning from Cheryl. She wrote and asked about donating tops to HeartStrings and this box arrived packed with beautiful tops.

I had to pull them out to look….
I also got a box from Nancy and the Peace by Piece quilters at St. Mary’s in CT. They sent 300+ Happy Blocks and a quilt top for me to finish. We’ll be assembling blocks at our April sew-in so these will go with me for us to work on there.
And finally, another blow for my stashbusting efforts…I’ve been running short on fabrics to use for borders so I ordered a bunch of 2 yard cuts from Thousands of Bolts. They have the best prices! I don’t feel too guilty about this purchase or the fat quarters at the quilt show last week because I’m getting a lot of piecing done so I’m happy as long as I’m using more than what’s coming in.

Today’s a catch up day before we leave tomorrow for Chicago. I’ve been unpacking, doing laundry, catching up on email, going through my other mail, and I did get a top loaded on the longarm. I’m aiming for 10 tops in March but will be getting a late start due to my travels. Wish me luck!

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  1. Nice tops! Not just Strings this time. I can hardly wait to see what you quilt on each one. I’m sure you will post pictures… Safe travels with our extended winter weather forecasts!

  2. Wow 300+ blocks you really have your work cut out for you….but you love it anyway. Busy lady all the time. Weather is getting better so should be great in chicago. Be safe.

  3. Can you feel me drooling all the miles across the way? If only my community quilting group got one top already pieced for us, or a box of blocks, we’d be SO happy!I know they will go to lots of good homes. You make wonderful contributions to others in this world…on your own and with help. We’re all lucky to have you in our lives, Mary!!

  4. Wahoo Mary, it must have been like Christmas. And to see all those tops, my heart is beating to rock and roll here!Can’t wait to see the finished products.What batting do you use in these charity quilts?

  5. What fun and wonderful mail!! These tops are gorgeous! Gives me hope for the country and the world when I see people that are so good and generous!

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