1. I was born and raised in Chicago and still have lots of family there. The views from the Hancock Building (one time the tallest building) are spectacular. The Signature Room at the top is amazing and an incredible place to have a cocktail, dinner and they have one of the BEST Sunday brunches in the city. ENJOY “my” town … it’s big but oh, so friendly!

  2. Oouuhh, I can’t believe you’re in my city!! Actually I’m/we’re 40 miles due west of the city in Batavia. Are you here just for the wk/end? Will Keith be in any meetings giving you some free time? There’s a quilt shop in the city, Quiltology:http://www.quiltology.com/ They’re located at 2625 N. Halsted St (between Fullerton and Diversey). I’ve not gotten there yet, but it looks to be very cute. Full of Amy Butler, Kaffee Fassett-type fabrics. It’d be so cool if we could meet-up, but no doubt you’ve got every minute planned out !Enjoy yourself in this most wonderful city!!!*I’m having trouble posting this. Can’t figure out why. So, I’m going to post anonymously. If you want to e-mail me back: McDeb1@aol.com Debbie Myers

  3. I have very fond memories of drinks at the top of the Hancock Building. When I lived in Chicago, I had an apartment on the 55th floor of a building that looked directly at the Hancock buiding. It was the only time I ever lived in a downtown area and I did enjoy it.

  4. OH! While you were at the Top of the Cock did you happen to visit the ladies’ room? It is a fantastic place – always mentioned on the top 10 list of outstanding rest rooms. Enjoy your stay in that wonderful city.

  5. It’s one of the highlights to my visit to Chicago. I had vertigo on the evening I was there. It took me a good 10 minutes to inch up to the window. I was most impressed with how smooth and fast the elevator was.

  6. wow mary what an awe inspiring view! i wanted to thank you for sharing all these images with us .. heh .. chicago is halfway between the twins and detroit 😀 😀 😀hugsgrace

  7. That is a fantastic picture! You might think about making that into a poster for your wall! Or wall paper for your computer screen!

  8. HHhmmm… “Postcards from Chicago” shot you have here! Wow, that’s a nice picture. Isn’t it nice when one of our “simple snaps” turns out just the way we remember it, really beautiful!? Way cool!

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