1. oh ick .. i feel for you mary … I spent the nite on the floor of the miami airport overnite one year when our flights were cancelled or overbooked or some such nasty thing, then spent 5 hrs at laGuardia when an engine blew up on take off while flying ‘home’ to MN one year. And I’ve had layovers in ohare too flying from detroit to the twins several times. You’ll be home soon! hugsg

  2. Oh Mary– how uncomfortable. I bet the worst part is feeling the waste of time– sitting there and not being able to quilt, or do a postcard, or sort fabric, or quilt on the machine. All the time spent and not being able to be creative…. hummmm… is there a way to make use of the time? I feel guilty being able to stretch out.

  3. Hope you got out…I’m sure Chesty is waiting to see you. The weather didn’t cooperate this trip. Hope it plays nice for your Ireland trip next month.Oh,and a peak of something you might be interested in will be on the blog tonight.

  4. Hope you managed to get a later flight Mary. Bet Chesty will go crazy when she sees you again. 🙂 jan in uk

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