Time for a list

This one will cross into April since I’m not looking to make myself completely crazy. I’m at home from now until we leave for Dublin so my goal is to have the following done by April 9th.

  • Finish gathering my tax info and get it to the accountant by March 16.
  • Quilt 10 tops
  • Piece backings — at least 2
  • Assemble the brown/red/pink Happy Blocks into a top
  • Make more QAYG blocks for our HeartStrings Project for Australia
  • Start the 3rd set of Log Cabin String blocks
  • Start blocks for a half log cabin (this one may be for Adam if he likes it)
  • Make my March postcard for our family exchange
  • Get the stack of finished quilts washed!
  • Catch up on my Here There Everywhere Journal class — I’m now 2 weeks behind.

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