Not quilting…but still progress

I finished and mailed a couple postcards yesterday – this was one of them. I got the idea for these from the Quilting Arts book — there was a chapter on tile quilts and I thought I could shrink it down to postcard size.

The plan today was to quilt — I have a small top loaded already but I think I’ve got a little GI bug so I decided I’d work upstairs where I could sit. I got the Happy blocks assembled into this top, made 4 backings, and pieced a few QAYG blocks for HeartStrings March/April project. Now, I’m going to allow myself to read in front of the fire for a while.

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  1. The postcard is beautiful – reminds me of looking out a window in the Caribbean. Your Happy Top is indeed that – happy. Love the fabric and the pattern. Not a bad days work, especially when you weren’t feeling your best.

  2. I’m not much into the postcard thing (Only because I don’t want any stuff in the house)but I REALLY like the one you made today.Love the colours in the quilt.I enjoy your blog. I check it every day.It’s raining in Melbourne, Australia today. First rain we have seen in months. What does GI bug mean?Carmel

  3. I thought that’s where I’d seen that idea. And it look EXACTLY like the postcard I got from Mother today!Pretty quilt top…hope you’re feeling better.

  4. Mary, I have a confession to make. I’ve been lurking for several months now. Love your quilts and digital scrapbooking pages. I’ve been a traditional scrapbooker for several years, but love working with the computer. After seeing your pages, I decided it was time to jump in. I’ve signed up to take Jessica Sprague’s Up and Running Class. I just finished lesson 2. What fun! You have also inspired me to get back into my sewing. I’m going to tackle some UFOs that have been around for awhile. I’m also working on my first quilt. -Bonnie-

  5. Thanks for leaving a comment on my selvedge quilt. It’s for a challenge at our local quilt club in May. “Go Green”. I’ve loved making it. The tile postcard is so gorgeous and your quilt. In fact I love all the quilts on your blog. Don’t envy the snow. It’s been really bitter here in New Zealand today and I have been home sick with two heaters going!! Autumn is here.

  6. So sorry to hear your are feeling poorly. You still did turn out such a lovely postcard. It really pops when you pull up your posts! Just lovely! Hope you are feeling better soon!

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