1. The colours in that quilt are lovely, is a coin quilt named because it looks like a stack of coins? This is a new one to me.

  2. I love that panto and which I could use it on my hobby quilter but it’s too wide. 🙁 I just took that pattern out of my notebook last night! Now I am really inspired to work on it. Thanks for sharing this photo.

  3. How innovative are quilter eh? I am always amazed at the quilt tops sent to you! Never one the same and your work always makes the look outstanding.

  4. The PERFECT pattern for my present project, sitting/laying there on the living room floor, waiting for the ‘perfect’ pattern!!! THanks Mary!Now, I hope I can retain this thought long enough to get the quilt sandwiched, and NOT change my mind. 8-))

  5. Almost did not recognized it,I made the top when I volunteerd to be a tester ( pattern tester) for Becky in Kansas City. You did a terrific hob I love the Wandering Daisies. you can see the top at my blog.

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