Almost done with tax prep

I’ve been sitting in Dunn Brothers drinking coffee and finishing up my tax stuff for the last 3 hours and all that’s left is tracking down a couple documents and making copies. I’ll be so glad to send this with Keith Monday morning for him to drop at the accountant’s on his way to work!

No sewing for me today but I did get two postcards in the mail today. This one for Mom for St. Patrick’s Day — she made a bunch to send out and I’m not sure how she knew this was my favorite!!

I also received Deb’s postcard from the MQR exchange. She always uses interesting fibers in her cards.

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  1. ugh…taxes. I finally finished ours and got them to the accountant last week.Your postcard for March is really cute. Glad mine made it….funny the beaded one (new years) didn’t get there yet…I mailed that one first.

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