What a great day!

We started with a visit to Loring Park — we drove so Chesty could come with us.

We spent a little time at the dog park.
Came home — I lost at Scrabble unfortunately but then we spent a little time out on the deck.

Keith grilled kabobs while I cooked some jasmine rice. Just perfect!
Time to eat!

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15 thoughts on “What a great day!

  1. BBQing is a year round pastime in Canada—especially as winter seems to be lasting year round this year–nothing can beat a home cooked burger in the snow!Marilyn in Nakusp


  2. Hi, Mary!I love your BBQ! After this long and cold winter here in Germany, I bought the first spring-flowers for my balcony on saturday and by-and-by you can see all around in the country: spring is coming!!!Give Chesty a big hug from me.Lara


  3. Mary, we Canadians talk of the weather all the time, I do mean all the time. When spring comes to those of us in the north, we go out, take photos, talk to people of the weather that day and just feel so good. You could be a Canadian!


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