#3 of 10 quilted

This top was constructed by two male students in a clothing class — it’s not the most precisely constructed quilt and had some challenges but I just love that they chose to make a HeartStrings quilt for their project. It will bring color and warmth into someone’s life when it’s finished and donated.

I quilted freeform Baptist Fans (NO pantograph, template, or marking — all freehand); these are really fun and with their random and uneven arcs really suit a string quilt like this.


  1. My Favorite thing on your blog– showing how you quilted a quilt. Great story on this one, too. It’s wonderful that those young men did a quilt for Heartstrings.Now– freeform ? Baptist Fans? Is it a panto?

  2. WOW, I would never have know that you did those free motion! That is spectacular! Truly amazing, you go girl! And it looks GREAT on this quilt!

  3. I love that the boys sewed this as their project. I might try a free hand baptist fans on a small project to see if I can get the hang of it. Nice work!

  4. The quilting is wonderful. It’s hard to believe you do it freehand. I think the guys did a terrific job. It is a very happy quilt.

  5. Oh, that is so neat. They did a fantastic job and it makes this one a little more special with the story behind it. Love the Baptist Fans! Perfect!!

  6. I’m wondering what you mean by “not the most pecisely constructed quilt”….in what way.I’m new to making these quilts,any quilts really! but hadn’t thought there was anything precise about them, which I liked.Is there something I’m missing?

  7. Hi Mary,I am bowing to my computer. You just have to be the BEST quilter EVER.Freehand Baptist Fans. WOW. I must have a go at these. I see how you did them, thanks for that.But..Freehand.BOWING BOWING BOWING. jan in uk

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