Deb’s a bad influence

I took my Elna to get serviced today and came home with a new machine. It’s all Deb’s fault. If she hadn’t just bought a new machine when hers crashed I would have never thought about it. It was even on sale!

I haven’t owned a Brother before but Deb and Mom have had good luck with them so that’s what I got. It’s got a knee lift, a thread cutter, and it has an extension table….I can get an insert made so it will fit my sewing table but it sits down with just a little gap in the back so I’ll see how this works for now.

They’re going to fix the Elna too….I’d feel bad about having 4 machines (counting the Gammill) but I know many of you have even more than that!

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  1. I don’t think you should think of it as “Deb’s fault”. I think ti was Deb’s great idea! You probably should send her a present. 🙂

  2. Ok, you NEED 3 regular sewing machines…and here’s why! You need your regular day to day machine, you need a backup for when that one is in for servicing and you need that third one for…when your Mom comes to vist, or to take to classes, or (work with me here Mary) OR, oh heck, you just need them all, ok??? lol And you were stimulating the economy as a patriotic American.I plan on stimulating the fabric store economy around here this weekend!Lori in VA

  3. After my 20-year old workhorse Viking recently began acting up I finally broke down, got over the shock of the cost of a new machine and bought a Baby Lock Decorators Choice a couple of weeks ago. LOVE it! It has the same features you describe and looks crazily similar – I wonder if they are manufactured by the same manufacturer and then sold under different brand names? Anyway, enjoy!

  4. I just counted and I have 7 machines, including the serger. But I don’t feel guilty because I use them all (no, not at the same time). but each one has something it does better than the others so I tend to move around the room, using the best machine for the task. And when one gets sick, I have others to fall back on while it is being fixed: no down time. LOL

  5. I have 4 sewing machines and a serger, so does that make me an addict? I use the Bernina and Janome the most and I can’t give up my old Pfaff. I have a ‘old’ Singer machine that I gave to my oldest daughter, she froze it up, I got it fixed and her DH bought her a new Janome, so it is my spare, hahaha. I wish I had a Gammill, too, but there isn’t anywhere to put one in my basement. I’m happy for you! Enjoy your new machine.

  6. My Mom has an Elna. Its… lets see how old am I? 40 years old. Runs like a charm. Of course she’s got a new machine now but even I started on that Elna.I’m excited for you with your new machine though. Should be fun to see how it works for you!

  7. I laughed at Deb’s reaction and she was the first commenter. Congratulations on getting another machine. I love the brother brand. I’ve been trying to justify another Pfaff. I have 2 already (so I can interchange the specialty feet) and I’m dying to have a third. I do use them and hubby wouldn’t care. It’s myself I have to convince but I’m almost there.

  8. Mary – You could place 2 rubber doorstops under the back of the machine to lift it up. I have recently purchased a package of 3 from the Dollar Store.

  9. New machines are fun!! I have 4 – two I bought since starting quilting (Elna & Janome 6500), one non-electronic from when I was at school and a handcrank I was given when its previous owner died. I think you 'need' a selection for given tasks and as 'back-ups' …. that's my story and I'm sticking to it 🙂

  10. How fun!!! Now you never have to worry about being without a machine again!!! You will love the knee lift! My Bernina has that and I use it all of the time.

  11. lol i have 5 machines and a serger .. 2 i don’t use – the 99 because I need to replace the brushes, and mum’s touch n swear .. well the name says it all 😀but 2 for sure on a regular basis and my FWsweet treat for yourself mary 😀hugsg

  12. Your new machine looks so much like my Babylock. We all need backup machines and when someone else has recommended a good one that isn’t terribly expensive, it’s hard not to get it. Hope you love it!

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