This is NOT a great photo but Keith is calling this Boxed Squares version drab (maybe it has to do with the olive?) I’m liking it more as I add blocks but the jury is still out — obviously, there are blocks that will be moved around as I make more of them.
A new postcard from Deb – she’s having fun with her new die cutter.
Someone wants me off the computer don’t you think?
I spent time both quilting and piecing today – how did you celebrate National Quilting Day?

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21 thoughts on “Drab?

  1. I think you need just a little bit of yellowy-lime green for spark. So, does Chesty watch videos on your laptop like Arlo does or does he just use it for a head rest when he wants your attention


  2. Chesty is adorable! I am having trouble keeping everyone I want on my blog list. Suddenly today I remembered that your blog fell off somehow, so I had a lot of reading to do to catch up. You’ve been busy doing beautiful work, as always.


  3. Awww, poor Chesty wants his mom to play! Tandi can’t reach the desktop keyboard, but will come over and just sit and stare at me. It’s a little unnerving. If I ignore her too long, she comes over and puts her head on my knee and gives me that same look. I can never resist it!


  4. I like the drab color scheme but you could add a little dulled chartreuse or a lighter pea green if you really feel it needs something else.I dyed and painted fabric all day. It was great!


  5. I really like the look. I was going to make a b & w with red, forget that now.I'll need to make one for my #2dd. She is stationed in Maine and very homesick, I'm thinking it is other stuff too. Being 3000 miles away, turning 29 next month, and being single, also someone hit and run her truck. Chesty is so cute, Those big brown eyes always get me. I think he is watching you and the web to make sure there isn't travel plans being made.


  6. I spent six hours of it at my groups meeting, then came home tired and unable to conjure up any zest for quilting. How BAD is that. Had an early night for once.Love Chesty picture, bless him, his little face says it all.Well, sorry to disagree with hubby, but I think this is a great colour combo. QUilt it with Orange thread and bingo. Just a thought., jan in uk


  7. I would never have thought to do that colour combo, but it works and looks good.I like Teri’s idea. Or maybe a few red centres in a diagonal line?The right red could add some zing/wow factor.


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