I call it arrhythmia hill

I don’t know what it is about this slow climbing stretch of the bike path but it triggers a cardiac arrhythmia every time. I’m not concerned because I had a cardiac workup last summer when it started but it is so frustrating!

I still enjoyed our ride today — 11.5 miles and here’s the view we have as we ride that last mile.

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  1. I envy you riding your bike. I am not allowed because of my neck. Makes me so cross, I used to love to ride my bike, so much quicker than waiting for the bus! jan in uk

  2. I looked at a bike last week that has a small electric motor that runs on a lithium battery. It is good for about 35 miles on a charge! I’m very tempted…we used to ride often but our last time out my leg wonked out on me and I had to wait until my Dh went back for the car. With the battery however I could coast while he sweats…nothing wrong with that aye?!

  3. Mary, did you ever check out the arrhythmia (tach.) procedure I emailed you about. Ablation. I had it done 6 yrs. ago and it has changed my life so much from what I had to put up with. It looks like a beautiful day there in MN. for a bike ride.

  4. we’re about 6 hours north of you and still have tons of snow, so no biking yet. We still have more snow in the forcast…I’m glad you’re still able to bike, are you alright if you take the time out to rest abit?

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