Should be quilting but

I’m still making boxed squares and playing with this design — I didn’t really plan much more than I wanted green/black/white. I liked Teri’s suggestion to add red to one center square but decided it needed several red centers and then decided it even needed 3 red squares.

Also, I decided that I should alternate the black and greens with the whites to keep it from being too dark. SO… for now, this is my plan — we’ll see how it plays out in fabric as I continue to make squares.

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  1. That will be a gorgeous quilt!I really like how you are lightening it with more white and the red really adds a wonderful dash.Sue L

  2. I love the added red squares, but am not sure how “manly” they are. Did you ask your son? Some guys (like my brother) are v e r y conservative with colors.

  3. I like the addition of red… (But I liked the “Dark” version too…) The dark seemed very masculine & classy… I thought that it could live in a nice living room…

  4. Loving the red touches … I don’t think it detacts from the “manliness” of the quilt … makes it more interesting. Good job!Flatlander (Linda)

  5. the red gives it just what it needs – and I agree with adding 3 boxes that are red. 🙂 Your EQ pic looks great and I’m sure the actuall quilt will look even better. Love from Texas! Bonnie

  6. I love green, the red gives it movement, are you using the same size blocks, the ones we did for the Hapy blocks?.

  7. Hello Mary!This quilt will really look great!I always wonder how you manage to quilt and patch so many quilt tops.I love your work!!!

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