Should be quilting but

I’m still making boxed squares and playing with this design — I didn’t really plan much more than I wanted green/black/white. I liked Teri’s suggestion to add red to one center square but decided it needed several red centers and then decided it even needed 3 red squares.

Also, I decided that I should alternate the black and greens with the whites to keep it from being too dark. SO… for now, this is my plan — we’ll see how it plays out in fabric as I continue to make squares.

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32 thoughts on “Should be quilting but

  1. That will be a gorgeous quilt!I really like how you are lightening it with more white and the red really adds a wonderful dash.Sue L


  2. I love the added red squares, but am not sure how “manly” they are. Did you ask your son? Some guys (like my brother) are v e r y conservative with colors.


  3. Loving the red touches … I don’t think it detacts from the “manliness” of the quilt … makes it more interesting. Good job!Flatlander (Linda)


  4. the red gives it just what it needs – and I agree with adding 3 boxes that are red. 🙂 Your EQ pic looks great and I’m sure the actuall quilt will look even better. Love from Texas! Bonnie


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