The best of ALL worlds

You might not know that I enjoy cooking – I don’t talk about it much and I do write about eating out somewhat frequently but I truly have the best of all worlds. Great restaurants within walking distance, a husband willing to stop for takeout on nights I’m working and don’t want to cook or go out, and on the days like today – the time to spend making a home cooked meal for my man!

This afternoon I cooked up a big batch of homemade meat sauce, put half in the freezer for another night, and whipped up a pan of lasagna for tonight’s dinner. Keith’s stopping on his way home from work for fresh bread and a really good bottle of red as I type this.

Good man, good food, good wine, a cozy fire, and a game of Scrabble – what more could a girl ask for? A little snow flurry? Got that too!

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  1. I imagine you won’t have to “ask” for whatever else would make that a perfect evening! (gigle!) Enjoy yourselves.Sheree

  2. You know when your man does that this it doesn’t get any better.We played Scrabble last night too, thank goodness I got to use the big point letters or I would have been whipped.

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