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Still working….you may notice that I’m back to working *nights* but don’t worry, I’m sleeping during the day. Tonight I quilted another top pieced by San (Gypsy Quilter) for Alycia’s QOV project. Freehand swirls this time.

And I managed to get the binding stitched down on this small top pieced by Carmen.
Just 4 more tops to get done in the next two weeks – I’m doing well working my way through my list but can’t believe the trip to Dublin is just 2 weeks away.

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  1. How do you decide what quilting pattern to put on each quilt? Since many of your quilts are string quilts, I see you don’t quilt them all the same. Do the quilts ‘talk’ to you and tell you what they want? Or do you just get in the mood to quilt something different on different nights? I’m learning different quilting patterns and learning to listen to my quilts now so any advice you can give would be much appreciated.thanks

  2. Your swirls are great. The way you are progressing with your freemotion swirls and baptist fan, you’ll be able to sell your Circle Lord soon 🙂

  3. I’m on “night shift” lately also Mary. Must have something to do with the weather. Who knows. Love that swirl patternLori in VA

  4. Goodness…two weeks! I can remember back when you first mentioned Dublin! I love that piecing by Carmen. What a nice adaptation of a string quilt!

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