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I’m feeling a little like the local news but Marilyn asked a question and I thought I’d answer it here:

How do you decide what quilting pattern to put on each quilt? Since many of your quilts are string quilts, I see you don’t quilt them all the same. Do the quilts ‘talk’ to you and tell you what they want? Or do you just get in the mood to quilt something different on different nights? I’m learning different quilting patterns and learning to listen to my quilts now so any advice you can give would be much appreciated.

It’s true many of the string or scrap quilts are so similar that I could probably quilt anything on them, heck I could probably do a plain meander a lot quicker than the freehand designs or pantographs I usually choose but then I’d be bored out of my mind.

So my answer to Marilyn’s question is a little of both….sometimes I pick up clues from the quilt’s purpose or fabric and other times I’m just in the mood to quilt a particular design.

I recently finished 3 different Quilts of Valor — the one last night got swirls because it’s a no brainer for me, I hadn’t done it in a while, and I love the texture I get from them, the 2nd one got freehand stars and loops because the border fabric had stars and hey, stars just suit a QOV right? The 1st one got a pantograph Ebb and Flow — another of my favorites for QOV’s because it reminds me of a flag waving in the breeze. All three quilts were essentially the same but got different quilting designs.

Now, I’ve got 9 different Happy Block quilts here from another HeartStrings project and they’ll get a variety of designs too. The first one got Bubbles — a favorite pantograph for kids quilts, and the one I’m working on tonight(pieced by Liz) is getting a panto too but this time I’m using Whirlygig which looks like a sun to me — get it? Sunshine = Bright and Happy = Happy Blocks? Click on photo to enlarge!

Speaking of working tonight – is anyone participating in Judy’s Quiltathon? I don’t know how much I’ll do during the day tomorrow or Sunday but I’m going to be working through the night.

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  1. Ooh, I recognize that quilt! Good choice. I’d participate in the quiltathon but A) taxes must get done first and B) see my blog for what I managed to do to myself today…..for some reason DH doesn’t want to let me go downstairs alone…

  2. Ah Mary, I see you were up late while we were sleeping….no I didn’t participate in anything to do with anything after 9 pm. I sleep at night unlike someone I know who is a nightowl.Thanks for the comments on how you achieve your lovely patterns that you do.I machine quilt and I basically love doing stippling so that’s what I do. I have done In the Ditch, but I’m not crazy about that design. Good question asked and a good answer given…

  3. I love the sun type quilting…one of my favorite freehand patterns! No uqilting for me…supposed to be mega open house time here in our ‘hood but the snow might put a damper on it…nothing happening now but it’s on the way! have fun!and thanks for the tip on Hell’s Kitchen being good and the Foshay tower spot.laurie

  4. Funny, I am quilting Whirlygig today myself. It is one of my favorite pantos stitched out. I will be sewing today too after I get back from visiting my dad in hospital. Have a good quilty day!

  5. I love seeing your quilting because I can see it. And, of course, because you do such a wonderful job: free hand or panto, your work always looks perfect.

  6. Love all the different designs. I don’t do panos but might have to try my own version of Eb and Flow because that is a great look.Kathie L.

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