1. Hi Mary,Of course you’re a little down; it’s the end of March and we live in cold gray places! Garrison Kielor would know how to say it.But hang in there – yellow flowers are just what we need today.Karen

  2. Down?? Those flowers should perk you right up. Come over and visit and see what I’ve been up to that should cheer you right up!! It’s been a long brutal week!

  3. Since it is difficult to order the sun to shine surrounding yourself with bright flowers is the next best thing! Hope you feel better today…(my word verification is ‘scone’…what a good idea!)

  4. sweet! hoping today finds you feeling more perky and rested.the quilting choices were fun to read-I love trying new quilting designs-thanks for sharing

  5. The yellow roses are so beautiful. I wonder if it is in the air or what. I feel just like you the last few days. Hope you feel like happy flowers soon.

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