Still playing

I can’t seem to get a good photo of these cards but I finished up the tree (my favorite city to visit in the spring is Washington DC in case you were still wondering) and then played a bit with the small die cutter I’d ordered from Joann’s — again, it’s Deb’s fault. These are both a lot cuter than the photos shows.
Now, I think I’ll go down, load a top, and start the quilting. I haven’t been very productive the last couple days.

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11 thoughts on “Still playing

  1. I bought fabric yesterday to try one of these out…so weird that you posted on these today. Also, I groomed Cici yesterday so I want to share it!Very pretty postcards…as always…spring is calling!


  2. Not a thing wrong with these photos and I love the work I’m seeing. Of course I can’t help but be in love with the Cherry Blossoms but I also love the work you’ve done with the greenery. Very pretty.Have a good quilty day!


  3. Hi Mary,Its good to have a break now and then, you work so hard at your quilts, it must be fun for you to make something soooo small. They are great, I love the cherry blossom one best I think, shouldnt pick favourites I know!!! They look good to me, sometimes I know it is hard to get the colours right on the old computer. We does us best dont we? jan in uk


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