Baskets and bins

Since I’m taking my design wall with me to the HeartStrings Nebraska sew-in this weekend, I had to finish assembling the blocks on it. I still have 3 rows of blocks to piece and add to this 72 x 72 section but progress is being made and the design wall is packed up and ready to load into the car.

Baskets and bins – I’m overrun with them! Is anyone else? I bought more of the wire mesh bins I store my strings in yesterday to hold strips – I plan to start cutting a bunch of 2.5 inch strips using the GO cutter and needed somewhere to store them.

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OK, I couldn’t resist cutting some out but I won’t be able to sew any of these blocks together before I leave on Thursday for Nebraska.

In the next couple days I’ve got 3 more seams to get the large center section of Adam’s Boxed squares off the design wall so I can pack it up to take with me. I’ve got to load and start quilting a top I need to take with me to VA on May 6th, take Chesty for grooming, and get some laundry done.

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My friend Cecile sent me a box of novelty fabrics to play with – don’t these look fun? I have a big honking 6 inch tumbler die for my Go Cutter that I’ve been wanting to try and use to make an I Spy Quilt and these added to the ones I have will give me lots of variety. Thanks Cecile!

My day so far has been making bindings and backings and I got a couple more bindings machine stitched and ready to work on over the next few nights. I’m going to run out for some dinner (Keith is still gone and I don’t cook for one) and then may get a top loaded on the longarm tonight.

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Google Reader

Yes, another post on managing blog reading. I don’t seem to do a good job of keeping up anymore and I’m in awe of people like VickiW who seems to manage a large list of blogs AND actually comment on many of them.

Today I separated all 130 subscriptions into just 2 folders — daily and “whenever I have time” — well actually it’s called monthly but the goal is to read through some each day. Right now, I’m only 519 posts behind.

Google reader allows me to read newer or older posts first regardless of which blog posts them – this way I don’t get part of the way through the list and then never get around to blogs that aren’t in the top 1/3.

Now if I could just keep up with reading on my MQResources list and catch up on the online class I’m supposed to be taking….

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Another Happy Quilt done

Can you stand to see another Happy Quilt? This is my twisted version and although those blues look very blendy next to each other in the photo there is definitely more contrast from one block to the next in person. This one was also quilted with the pantograph Whirligig from Willow Leaf Studio.

It’s the 5th of 10 bindings I want done by May 31 so I’m doing well on the binding front…just need to get more quilting done.

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