I broke another clamp last night — I love these featherlight clamps but they’re just too fragile so I did a search on my MQ Resources link and pulled up a link and suggestion to use chip clamps — since I have an account with Amazon where I pay an annual shipping fee and get 2 day shipping all year — I ordered a couple sets. Worse case, they get banished to the kitchen.

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  1. Mary I use some that are similar to these and I get them at the local Dollar Tree. There are usually 4 in a package, and only for a Buck you can not beat them. And they hold up nicely too.

  2. We use very similar ones. Rose sewed a piece of 1/2″ elastic to them, then sewed on the 1″ Velcro. They work very well.

  3. Do you have any type of “Dollar Store” nearby. I just bought 8 sets of 3—24 of them. They were $1.00 a set (3 for $1.00). I use them to phtograph quilts on a metal quilt rack when there is no hanging

  4. I don’t know much about clamps, but my friend uses bicycle clips for some of the work she does. Is that what you mean?Must be frustrating for you, considering so much of your work is for charities…

  5. Sorry…I’m lost…what do you use these for? Machine quilting or display? And the girls that are getting Dollar Store clamps, are they using them for the same thing you’re using them for?

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