#9 of 10

I wasn’t in the mood to quilt tonight but made myself do a small top before heading up to the sewing room. This is a little Happy Block top I threw together after getting my GO Cutter.

Before trying a grid on one of the larger tops I thought I’d experiment on this one. I like kids quilts to stay soft and cuddly and this one has just enough quilting I think – no marking – just following the piecing lines. You can click directly on the photos to enlarge.

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13 thoughts on “#9 of 10

  1. This quilting motif you used looks perfect for a soft, cuddly quilt. Thanks for showing the closeups and the backs of your quilts, Mary. I quilt my own, and those photos easily show me what the designs look like. I’m always curious.


  2. Love the wavy/grid quilting you have done. Gives lots of interest. In fact love all of the quilting samples you have shared with us on your blog. You are so very talented and sharing. Thanks. Rose in MN


  3. great choie ont he wavey line quilting following the piecing lines – why think even “I” could do this! 😉 I’m looking forward to my 1st machine quilting class later onthis month when I go on retreat with my HGTV frineds in NH. I’ve never dropped my feed dogs and am looking forward to my friends showng me the ropes 😉again, Greaet job on another fantastic quilt for a special child. Don’t you wish sometiems you could get a photo of the kid who ends of getting it?? 🙂Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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