What’s on your agenda this week?

  • Binding — #3 of 10 is in progress and I’d like to get at least one more done this week.
  • Continue to assemble the blocks on the design wall — still have more to make but I’m out of room so I’ll work to get these into one piece before doing the last 3 rows.
  • Playing some more with postcards – nothing is sewn on these yet, just auditioning layouts.
  • Errands on Monday
  • Haircut on Tuesday
  • Meet with accountant on Wednesday to sign off on taxes — we are getting a refund which is good news!
  • Laundry & packing on Thursday
  • Leave for Dublin on Friday

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  1. Those boxed squares are looking good. Hope you have safe travels and take lots of pictures to share with us armchair travelers.

  2. That is one of the nicest masculine quilts I have ever seen. Colours are fabulous. Have a wonderful trip and don’t forget your umbrella!Marilyn in Nakusp

  3. Hi Mary, my week is going like this…Monday – try machine after hubby has fixed it – hopefully…Tuesday – GD SleepoverWednesday – Recover from previous day!!Thursday – Hospital for treatment on neck…Friday – Nothing planned at mo…Saturday – Probably shopping…Sunday – Easter sgg hunt.Right now, off to check the machine, which last night totally paked up on me. Fingers crossed.

  4. You know Mary, I’ve been thinking for the past couple of weeks of having a giveaway. It’s a year and a bit since I started blogging. Also have hit just over the 100 blogs because of my sojourn to the cottage in the summer it’s limited my postings. So I’m planning one for my friends who have visited me in the past year. I have lots of ideas for it in my head.Also in my head is Easter dinner. This year, roast beef etc as my kids really like beef! It’s the other fixings that I must plan.Is that enough?Enjoy your week!

  5. LOVE the postcards…and on my agenda is picking out stuff for the new condo…and driving back to KS to get ready for company Easter weekend. One day I hope to quilt again……..

  6. On my agenda is attending our National Quilt Symposium which starts the day after tomorrow. I wouldn’t say no to going to Ireland though, hat would be fun 🙂

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