More Fans

This is Mom’s quilt – very soft and feminine looking and the Baptist Fans look great on it. For this quilt – I used my Circle Lord template.

Don’t you just love the texture?
This is top #1 of 10 and I also made and machine stitched the binding on the 2nd of the quilts waiting for binding. I’ll start stitching it down tonight when we’re watching a movie. You guys have made me a little nervous about whether I can get through my list by May 31 but I’m going to give it my best shot and today was a very productive day.

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  1. I have gone to see how the fans are done but couldn’t really tell with the halloween fabric but with your fabric and texture I finally got it…MY GOSH I GOT IT. Thank you.

  2. Mary, just gorgeous. The Baptist Fan quilting is lovely and gives a lot of movement to the quilt. I just love the quilt and quilting.

  3. I just finished a customer quilt this weekend that is very similar in colour and pattern to your Mom’s quilt. I also used the CL BF template on it! Great minds must think alike! LOL Great quilt!

  4. Mary, I visit often…just don’t often comment, but had to with this quilt. Please tell your mom it is beautiful….and the quilting you are doing is just perfect!

    Good luck with your list!

  5. Mary – I have absolutely no doubts at all that you will meet your goals with room to spare. I’ve been following your blog for too long not to be a believer. And how I wish you did customer quilting! Keep on keeping on – Nan

  6. The scrap quilt is great. I enjoy doing Baptist fan quilting. Yours looks like it might be done by machine. Interesting.

  7. I don’t understand how this baptist fan template works. Do you put some sort of powder on it and stamp an image on, then quilt? I don’t have a longarm quilting machine. I have only machine quilted with my old black Singer 201a and a walking foot. I wish that I could do the patterns that you quilt. I would probably finish more of my projects if I could. As always, your quilt is just lovely.

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