1. Congratulations Mary (and Keith). Hope you have another wonderful 30 or 40 years together.

    I love following your blog Mary. You are so inspiring to all of us.


  2. Happy Anniversary, Mary. You two compliment each other so well, may you enjoy many more years.

  3. Many Congratulations to you both, what a handsome couple you made. 20years…hmm mine is 40 soon, where does the time fly Mary. Not sure I will be brave enough to put a pik up of mine though!!! Sooooo dated. lol Jan

  4. Happy 20th Anniversary Mary ! I wish the two of you many,many more years together. Bonnie in Tx.

  5. Congratulations! We celebrate 22 years this Summer. We too married with a little boy – his. It has made for some interesting years!

  6. Mary,
    Happy Anniversary!! And here is too many more!! It's fun to see pictures from the past. You can see my 17th Anniversary and how cute my husband & his kids were, at ages 11, 10 & 7. I should have had the look you DH had!

  7. oh congrats and happy anniversary Mary!!!

    Oh the boys are just adorable!

    I’m pretty sure he’s not so worried a bout it now ..

    you know ..orion is scarfing up her food pretty quick right now too.

    anywho .. many happy years to you both!


  8. congrats to you and Keith…
    the boys are adorable…cute pictures !
    he seems to have been a wonderful father to your boys…
    wonder if he knew how rewarding that would be?

  9. Congratulations! I don’t know! I think if I were any guy and getting THREE cuties in one fell swoop that I’d think I was being blessed beyond my imaginings. And I’m sure Keith feels that way now and every day!!!

  10. Happy Anniversary!!!! I think that it is the not so smooth times that make us stronger and more in love when we come out the other side of those times. :~)

  11. Happy Anniversary. I think Keith had the typical groom look, a combination of excitement and fear!! lol And those boys look tooo cute to have caused any mischief at all!! lol

    Lori in VA

  12. …and I do believe that there are three guys that feel the exact same way. 😉

    Happy 20th Anniversary! Cheers to many more.

  13. Happy Anniversary! My DH and I are coming up on our tenth next month, and it seems like we just got married yesterday. Where does the time go, indeed?

    Wishing you both at least 20 more years of wedded bliss!

  14. Happy Anniversary, Mary and Keith…what great pics, too! The boys look adorable, and both of you do, too.

    We’ll be celebrating our 25th in December…where did the years go?

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