I worked today

But no quilt photos to show — you’ve seen enough photos of Adam’s quilt in progress and as of today I’m half way through joining the rows for the 12×12 section and then I’ll need to add 3 more rows.

I also made and sewed bindings on 3 quilts — and have one already stitched down except for the corner where the label goes – I need to print some more labels so you’ll see that one tomorrow.

So since I don’t have much on the quilting front to talk about I’ll ask a personal question. Do you color your hair? to cover gray?

I don’t — too much time and money and the gray doesn’t bother me for the most part but….I’m wondering how I’ll feel when I have more gray than brown. It was windy in Ireland and I was surprised at how gray my hair looked in a lot of the photos. This first one is what I usually see in the mirror and I’m OK with it.

As this next photo shows, I have a lot more gray underneath than I do brown.

It’s not unusual for people to tell me I should color my hair but I don’t think I’m going to change my mind.

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  1. wow that’s a lot of comments! Yes I color because at 45 I’m 50% grey. My girl is only 65.00 for color and cut. That’s a deal in the haircolor world! You look great…don’t change a thing

  2. I barely make time to get my hair cut – without adding coloring to the mix! (I might start to wear make-up before I think about coloring my hair. Heck I might start shaving before thinking about coloring my hair…)

  3. I color for me! I find it fun to try new shades and it’s not too much $$ since I do it myself. My mom just turned 70 and wishes she had never stopped coloring. It’s just fun and nope, not ready to look older yet.

  4. I am 45 and colored my hair at a saloon for 5-6 years. It was hell, sitting there with the skin on my head burning for over 30 min. every time. So I gave it up and let the color grow out. But there were two things that bothered me: 1hubby does not have one gray hair, he’s like his granny who had no gray hairs when she died at the age 65. 2 I inherited a red/brown hair from my parents and it got not pretty gray, although it did not go mossgreen like my dad’s there is sort of an unhealthy green sheen to it. So one day about three years ago I was walking past a drug store and saw the reflection of my self in the window and I just had it. Went in to the store and asked if they had a color for an allergy looser like me. Sure, it’s called Nature Tint and it’s great. I color my hair myself and because it’s so short I need to use only half the dose at a time. The best part is that there is no burn.

  5. I have never colored my hair. I started turning gray when I was about 32. Now that I am 56, it is mostly gray, and looks very nice. I get lots of compliments in it for the color.

    I use So Silver shampoo by Matrix, it is purple coming out of the bottle and on the expensive side, but it keeps my gray a more silver color than yellow. My daughter who is a hairdresser insisted on me using that in the beginning, and I am hooked on it.

    By the way, I think you are graying nicely–it looks really good on you.

  6. Oh, I forgot to say, that when your hair turns color, you may also have to change your make-up colors, too. I don’t wear any makeup. I have changed the colors of the clothes I buy, because the colors I wore when I had dark brown hair don’t look right any more.

  7. I was at my retreat when you posted this – but I’m right there with you Mary!!! I’m 35 and have as much or more grey hair than you do… and in the past I’ve only colored my hair 3 times…once myself and the other 2 in the salon. Recent years I didn’t have a choice b/c I was nursing or pregnant and the past two years that the twins have been with us – it’s like = “WHEN would I even have the time?”

    but honestly I can’t stand being in a beauty shop. I hate every thing about it especailly the materialistic women and gossip. I only feel worse when I go so I DON’T! 😉

    I need to upload a recent photo of me and my grey… but last year I think it was I vowed to NEVER again color my hair. My mom had ALL WHITE hair all of my life (she had me at 38) and I can only hope to one day have hair as pretty as her’s was 😉

    Love from TX! ~bonnie

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