Top #2

I probably should have used a darker brown thread on this top so I could see the quilting better, the beige was really blendy but these Wonky Feathers are forgiving and I’m always surprised when it turns out better than expected. The top was pieced by the quilters at St. Mary’s in CT.

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  1. I’m always amazed by how much you get done. Love the wonky feathers. I appreciate your photos that show your designs so clearly.

  2. OH! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    Mary, you turn out so many quilts for charities. Do you donate all the backing and batting yourself? And how about the binding? Are you always doing that by hand? What a job!

  3. That is really lovely quilting, Mary. (sigh of appreciation here). It looks so soft and “touchable”. That will bring a lot of comfort to someone. Dianne B. in England

  4. WOW – that quilting is awesome!! I’m rather taken with the quilt too, although I wouldn’t have thought I’d be drawn to a blue/brown combo. Great work 🙂

  5. Hi Mary,
    Your feather quilting is especially nice. My opinion is that a darker brown quilting thread would have detracted from the soft look.
    Vicky F

  6. Oh dear … just ANOTHER gorgeous quilt … you’re getting soooo “boring”, Mary (NOT!!!) … love the quilt, colors and the quilting. EXCELLENT JOB!!

    Flatlander (Linda)

  7. I must try these Wonky Feathers. Mind you, the Feather atterns I do are wonky anyway hahahaha
    Think you got the threwad just right Mary, too dark and it would detract from the design I think.
    Do you ever use random thread for your quilting? Not sure if I have ever seen it on your quilts. Jan

  8. No, the thread is perfect. It’s about the design of the quilt, not the quilting most of the time. I think it looks wonderful!

  9. What a great job on the quilting! As always, you do such a good job. Love this pattern, and the quilt is striking, in those controlled colors.
    Love the inspiration you give us.

  10. Mary, you made our quilt look AWESOME!! I wasn’t sure I liked the soft colors as I’m usually a ‘bright’ person, but it’s beautiful! thanks… give it a good home.

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