Alone again….

Keith’s tied up on my birthday again, in fact he’ll be busy and not home all week for dinner even though he’s in town….rather than feel sorry for myself for being alone, I booked the afternoon on Tuesday at the Ivy Spa.

Doesn’t it sound like a great way to spend a birthday when no one else is available to help you celebrate?

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Carolina Lily

My Carolina Lily quilt came home to me today. Pieced several years ago by Mom, I kept waiting until my quilting was *good* enough — this top has a LOT of white space and filling white space just isn’t one of my strengths!

Deb agreed to quilt it for me and as usual did a beautiful job. Sorry for not having a better photo but both photos should enlarge if you click on them.

Keith kept saying WOW when I opened the box…first just looking at the overall quilt, pattern, and colors and then looking at the quilting. I finally had to tell him to shut up or he’d hurt my feelings 🙂

Thanks Mom and Deb, I’ll treasure it always!

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Did you want to see some brown?

Puttering along here. Not sleeping at night so I’ve been reading and then sleeping late in the morning but I thought you might want to see some of the browns. Note that the pink blocks all have different pinwheel centers ….I’m looking at my options while I wait for pink fabric from Vicki. By the way, the blocks are NOT on the design wall in the order they’ll go in the quilt — the brown and pink blocks will alternate.

Keith chose the pink pinwheels — or the monochromatic version as he called it (he’s picked up a thing or two about quilting over the last 9 years).

I tend to ask opinions and then do what I want anyway so anyone else want to chime in? Pink, Red, or Brown pinwheel centers — if YOU were doing the quilt which would you use? I know what my choice is!

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a test block

Being adaptable is important when you’re working from stash. Originally my design was to have the pink as block 1 but if I use the red pinwheel centers, the pink needs to be block 2. A quick rearranging of one of the block on the design wall, add some red centers…and it looks pretty good I think.

Vicki has offered to send me some pink so I think I’ll just keep making the half square triangles (I need 480 of them) and hold off on any final decisions until I see how her pinks look with mine.

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I did the math after I started (typical for me) and I don’t have enough pink….unfortunately the pink is a shade that I don’t have much of in my stash so I’m thinking about adding some red to the pink blocks rather than changing the size of the quilt.

I like this first version best I think — the only difference is where the two blocks come together — I like the pink in this one versus the red in the next one so the only red in # 1 would be the pinwheels.

By the way, red pink and brown is not a combination I’d have come up with on my own ….remember this happy block top I made from a charm pack a few months ago??

Edit: Cbear suggested brown pinwheels — another good choice I think. I’ll be writing instructions for this quilt and will post all the different color options regardless of which I end up with. I hope someone will make it in pink & green.

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