just needs binding

A simple meander on this top — #3 of 10 I want done by the end of the month. After checking email, I’ll head up and get it trimmed and the binding on so I can carry it with me to VA tomorrow.

In between working on this one — unpacking, laundry, and then repacking being done.

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11 thoughts on “just needs binding

  1. You sure have been on the road a lot! If you want to extend your trip through the weekend of the 16th you could join me and Anne on the Rappahannock for Craft Week!


  2. Mary, the quilt turn out so nice with the stipple quilting…you can never go wrong with a plain old stipple quilting. I love the red and white 9 patch blocks too.


  3. Gosh Mary, you have set yourself a hard task list this month. All the travelling is making it harder for you I should think, to achieve your goals. I know you will though..lol Jan


  4. Cool looking quilt. So, curious minds would love to know what UM stands for? Kelly Ann is right, prepare to float a boat in VA. We are VERY tired of rain and we are very wet.


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