In spite of playing with postcards this morning, I did manage to get a little work done. This Roman Stripes was pieced by Mom and will be donated via the Angel Tree at her church in December. Quilted with my Circle Lord Baptist Fan Template, it’s #4 of 10 to be quilted by the end of May ….I’m beginning to wonder if I’m going to get through my list in the next couple weeks.

This next photo is for Karen, she commented that my *desk* was pretty clean the other day only I was showing a photo of my kitchen island with all the mail that had come while I was out of town….as you can see, my desk is not neat at all which is probably why I was going through the mail in the kitchen.

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16 thoughts on “#4

  1. Mary, two favorites of mine…the roman stripe and fan pattern. Your mom did such a good job on the quilt top and you on the quilting. The quilt is wonderful. It is like a match made in heaven!


  2. Hi MAry, what a clever idea, you moved to the kitchen for the photo. hahahaha
    I had a go at the loop quilting today, WOW it was so quick to do loved it. Next I am going to try the Baptist Fan on something. Got to ‘crack’ that. Jan in UK


  3. Oh dear Mary – I think you need a filing cabinet! I file everything and that helps keep my desk clear! Lovely quilting though – I can understand why you want to quilt instead of file – me too!
    Cheers! Evelyn


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