I decided to load a small quilt thinking I’d just knock one off my list and this top donated by Cheryl was one I’d pieced batting and pulled a backing for yesterday.

Once I got it loaded I had the brilliant idea that it would be a great top to further my nonexistent stitch in the ditch skills since I didn’t really want to run an allover design across those diagonal frames.
I doubt you can see the stitching in this next photo (maybe if you click on it to enlarge) but I’m definitely better quilting in some directions versus others and I can certainly use the practice with the ruler.
Obviously, this will take a little longer than I planned ….

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  1. Today I was learning to do CC with a template. I can’t seem to keep the template from moving and it is harder going in some directions than others. I’m not so good with SID either but better than CC. I have lots of CC to do on this quilt so I should get better over the next week. LOL

  2. You seem so competent that it feels good to know that you still feel the need for more practice. It gives me hope. Thanks.
    I have been using my HQ16 for 2 years and every time I start to think I have some designs mastered, I discover that there is still so much more to know. I guess that it is good to keep learning, but I would like to dazzle myself once in a while. SID is something that I can do on the domestic machine, but forget about it on the HQ.

  3. I found out the hard way that I need PRACTICE on line dancing! It took me SIX hours to pick out 3 or 4 rows! I won’t try anything new on a gift quilt again! I’m gonna offer quilting on charity quilts if I want to try something new again! LOLOL maybe some new dog beds are in order!

  4. I had a hard time with it too till I watched Kim Brunner's dvd. She said that she found it easier to do SID L-R & back-front. So, she breaks squares up and only does SID in those directions. I tried it, she's right! I also LOVE using my Megan's Best ruler. Made a big difference in my SID.

  5. My Mom always said that many things worth doing take practice. We all have to start someplace! And your quilting ALWAYS looks good Mary, I think we just tend to be more critical of our own work than anyone else would be (except maybe a quilt judge, but then again – that is their job!). This is a fun quilt for a child!! And I just bet they won’t be looking to see how straight your SITD is!
    Cheers! Evelyn

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